St. Paddy's Day approaches

It has been almost one year since my fall. So much has changed, me , my family and my friends. My knowledge of AVM's and the unknown threat to my life I carry with me. I used to worry about the traffic and being late for appointments. I used to worry about paying bills on time. I used to worry about the weather. I used to try to do one more haircut. I used to try to just clean the house a bit more. I used to make sure the garden and yard were just so.

Now I stop and smell the air when the rain is coming. Now I catch snow flakes on my tongue. Now I rest for just a moment while looking at the new spring flowers push theirs heads through the thawed ground. Now I smile even more.

I miss my old life for no other reason than it was all I knew. I know a new life now and much like any new relationship it has been trying at times to get to know. I know now I have limitations but I also found I have different choices. I can choose to make this journey I am on be an adventure or let it be a burden, I choose the adventure! I choose the adventure because truly this is not a burden but a gift. Like all good gifts I thanked all those who had a hand in making me aware of it and repairing it. Now I share my story with as mnay who will listen, maybe I can be part of the gift of knowledge for them that maybe will be life altering for someone they love. I will "Pay It Forward".

Already I have found so many with like situations and they share their new choices with me and I with them. I now have the privledge of being a "Poster Child" for a foundation here in town that was formed on the behalf of a woman named Molly. The foundation raises funds to raise awareness for AVM's, it is called F.L.O.M. I shared it with my doctor's and my neurophyscologist. They now have more info for those who follow in my footsteps.

I love my new life.

Hi Lori!:)your positive attitude is immensely inspiring…It does make you appreciate the small things, I know I will be celebrating Paddy’s day in Ireland this year a bit differently from last year as I was in hospital!

What a wonderful post! Very inspiring!

Hi Lori. I also find your blog post to be inspiring. Ever since surgery, I'm making attempts to find joy in the little things, but I am guilty in getting caught up in the rush that school and work provide. This is something that I will be working on.

Take care. Congrats for being the poster child of F.L.O.M. I know you'll do plenty of good.