Found my answer to my question,My Daughter now had to get a Lawyer and he told her,

It may take up to 2-1/2 years, for my daughter to receive her Disability.I just don’t understand when a

person has a condition that not going to change, or go away on it’s own

can be denied for SSI that’s all? this is the 3th time she has applied

for it.I’m sure this is a long waiting list being it’s the government

is supporting it, Also i did find out it varies from state to state,Thanks for


Good luck with it… i got mine right away… but was warned that i could get denied a few times. I AM IN TEXAS!

good luck i heard you would have to get a lawyer to do the paper and talk for her behave i got mines right away but it could be different here in Florida but ones you got it i heard that if you have an avm is a disability for life so she would get ssd if she wants for life as long as she does not go to work. i am trying to get my am at least 50% so i can drive and go to school then get a job. lots of luck wish you nothing but the best hope this time she will get accepted

Thank you, Both for the info,I will pass this, on to my Daughter she is 30 years old, so she is doing this on her own, I just wanted some input from someone that has gone though this already,Just trying to understand the system…lol,Thanks again, for being so kind and understanding.Teresa(Sheila Hillhouse’s Mom)

Since my son is only 15 we got him covered under a Home and Community based Medicaid waiver. Once he turns 18 and we reapply for services it will be considered a TBI waiver. It was fast for SS approval…it has been extremely slow to get him involved with any of the services. Every program needs 10 pages of the same info you’ve already given. It’s so much paperwork and red tape it isn’t funny. We live in New York. Marla Post (Ryan’s mom)

Sorry all it’s SSD not SSI…oops