SSDI question

I think I'm probably too concerned too early. I had no problems getting SSDI approved since I have a legitimate disability (hemiparesis). Not much has improved no matter how hard I struggle to fight/work for improvement. I take a med to help my migraines, it's not a daily medication but it works. I still have anxiety, vertigo has gotten worse, kind of forming this agoraphobia that is starting to irritate me. I go through these stages where I am confident I'm getting better and then BAM I don't want to leave my couch. But that's not my point lol...
What I'm wondering is, I was told I will be reevaluated to continue my SSDI benefits every 3 (or was it 5?) years. In April '13, it will be only two years since I was approved for SSDI. So I have at least one more year to either A) fully recover (incredily unlikely but miracles do happen I guess). Or B) start really worrying about my SSDI benefits. Will it be like reapplying all over again? What will the process be like? I won't have a rep. this time because I'm no longer pregnant (obviously) so I'm no longer on Medicaid which provides the rep. for free. Does the SSA send the paperwork or must I file it myself? Just thinking about this now is giving me palpatations lol. I don't think I'd get denied because, like I said, not much improvement over here. I just don't want to miss a window and totally eff myself over. Right now, my family is wholly dependent on SSDI and foodstamps and all that happy crappy, so I'd really hate to lose that....Any hints as to what I should do even though I'm asking way too early? I really need to prepare early or I will have an attack and probably a breakdown lol.


I understand your dilemma. The avm journey is full of complicated decisions. The best advice I can give you is to write a game plan for both possible outcomes. It will help your anxiety to know if it is not renewed that you won't be at a loss. Pre Planning has helped me alot! While you are making your game plan, it is a great time to research for other resources in your area. For example: Do you have united way in your state? What state assistances is available? Are there any non profits that could be beneficial for your situation? If you need any help with this part I would be happy to help! United way is a great tool because their job is to help you find the resources you need.

I hope this helps!