SSDI Medical Review

Has anyone come up for the medical review after the initial approval to receive SSDI benefits, i.e:

•If improvement is expected, your first review generally will be six to 18 months after the date you became disabled.

•If improvement is possible, but cannot
be predicted, your case will be reviewed about once every three years.

•If improvement is not expected, your case will be reviewed once every
seven years.

What was the outcome? Approved, denied, appeal? Any comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Funny that you post this i just posted one a few days ago. I currently collect SSD and after 4 yrs and some odd months I was up for a review (dec 2011) this month I received a letter stating that my health has improved and I am able to return to work. Ha what a joke! There is no way my health is better! I just had a 2nd gamma knife in nov 2010. So i now have a lawyer that I am meeting up with on Friday to appeal my case and just got a letter from my dr stating I can not return to work yet! Its like jumping through crazy hoops to get what we deserve. Its frustrating and annoying and stressful and many more emotions. I think they just decide whenever they figure people are do your do and who knows how they truly decide if your disabled or healthy. So I have to fight this and pray I win or who knows what is going to freaking happen. Good luck to you in the future :)

My friend Ben Morrell here may have some advice…