Spring Break Hello!

It has been a little bit since I last visited the forum. I hope you all are doing well! Spring break is slowly coming to an end here and I am certainly slow to get back to working. My girlfriend and I made a drive to Cape San Blas here in Florida. She desperately wanted to go the a beach and was ecstatic to get some sun. Originally, we were planning to spend two days in St. Augustine, but car trouble got in the way sadly (that’s an unbearably long story). I, however, included a post of the beach for those of you longing for a vacation (and some warmth for those in cold regions).
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I can’t believe spring break has started already! Our holidays are centred around Easter which is still a way away yet, so yes, I’m jealous of the beach!

However, it was warm here today (about 16°C, 60°F). We had a heavy rain shower and then it passed. This was a photo I took in a local park. A nice bit of green after months of a rather grey outlook but the trees will be bare for a while yet.

We’re about as far away from the beach as you can get!

Nice share, thanks!



I am envious of you both! This is out the front window this morning at 7:00 am, current feels like temp is -31 C or - 24 F. Spring is just around the corner, we hope!


Hi, Sunny warm Phoenix, Arizona here. Plus a bit of good news-- got a job that shouldn’t strain my back or entail driving. Best wishes to all, Greg


Was looking at some real estate in Arizona last evening, might need to spend a few months down that way at some point in the future. I would need to straighten out some insurance things…awesome on the job! Great news! John.

I am not at all envious of you here, John. Both my girlfriend and I get headaches from the colder weather shifts. It’ll completely level her. It doesn’t stop me in my tracks but it definitely makes me uncomfortable. We are having a front move through here which will make almost no change in weather, but it is enough to bother my head. Stay safe on the roads!

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