Well I played football before I found out about my AVM and was a goalkeeper so I was just wondering whether It would be safe to play as a goalkeeper again when Im able to play again?x p.s. Yes I have had the
avm reomved?

Jay...since you are AVM Free...I think you can place football again...but just ask her doctor first and if he says it OK... then GO FOR IT! I can't wait until you say...I'm playing football again!!! Keep the Faith!

I had my AVM removed in December and in 4 months I was back to playing soccer and lacrosse, just make sure you have your doctor clear you first!

Each has to learn what they can do. I did 5 years of Karate, 2 years after my Gamma Knife treatment killed the avm. Doctor told me to "Live".

I leaned what I could and couldn't do. Start slow and work your way up to more.

I found that I could do everything except 250 jumping jacks, 10 minute run and then stretch down to my toes. Most any other combination of stuff didn't bother me, but the blood pressure being high and then touching my toes really made my head hurt. So I didn't do that anymore.

I hope you can get back into football.


I would say that since you are AVM free, go for it!(but yes, do check with your doctor just to be sure)

not sure buddy...but after my operation i have been told that i cannot head butt a ball or have any heavy collisions with my head at all.......i plan on seeing if this may be overturned on my next appointment....God bless

Get with the doctor never worth the risk of having problems. But also live an awesome life you only have one.

each bleed would have slight difference, but i would say go for it! Ive never given up myy sport - i used to play 3 times a week 5 a side; now i play tennis, badminton, gym, swimming, and 5 a side once a week. And ive never had my AVM removed totally.