Spinal Fluid Leaks

My son just had his 6-week follow-up appointment for his craniotomy. It turns about that the dents are holes in his skull that are unlikely to heal over. The “swelling” that has me worried is spinal fluid that is leaking through the holes and collecting under his scalp. Anyone else have a complication similar to this?

I’ve had a couple CSF leaks. First one was oozing out of the incision on the back of my head. Through stitches and everything. They then tried to fix that and put in a shunt from my lower back to my abdomen. Well once I was able to take the sutures off, you could really tell how swollen they were. Later that night, the swelling had gone down but my lower back incision was leaking this time. Now I have no shunt and I’m doing fine without it in that way but I still have draining issues my surgeon can’t seem to fix. My headaches just won’t go away. And they’re actually worse these days.