Spinal AVM's - Cyberknife London - 1 month on

It's been a month now since I had my 2 remaining sub dura spinal AVM's at L3 & L1 treated with Cyber knife radiotherapy. It lasted 50mins for L1 then 35 mins for L3. I even dosed off on the table during the first one! It was easy and couldn't notice anything at all during the procedure if I kept my eyes closed! Far less claustrophobic that an MRI or CT as you're on a table rather than 'in a tunnel'
The robot is a bit intimidating but it doesn't touch and is silent unless it's moving to the next beam projection location.
It is too soon to report any physiological improvements but it did give me a huge emotional lift that I have had the treatment after all. I was reminded that this can take a long time to show any change - good and bad, but it's done now.
I have an exercise regime and electro stimulation to remind my brain that those muscles are still there...
I walk with a stick and find the stairs a problem and the fatigue is still a problem that frustrates me.
I can't believe a year has passed since my diagnosis and how my life has changed. I've had to adapt and hope to soon return to my work at some level.
I keep a daily diary to record changes to feelings or activities so I can understand what has an effect or not.
I'll keep posting in case it helps anyone else..!

Thanks for the posting, wozza, and yay for you!

Wozza, I really appreciate the update and am so glad you are doing well. Yes, please keep posting -- especially if you go back to work. We would all like to hear.