Spinal AVM

I just joined this site and have been reading the various posts. It seems the majority of people have had an AVM of the brain. I know they can occur on different parts of the body. I would be interested if anyone has had one of the spine and how their recovery was after surgery and physio. The first embolization through the groin did not work so the surgeon had to cut open the top of my spine to close off the fistula which is around T1 and T 2. I am not familiar with what functions that deals with and would like to hear from others who have had s
similar surgery.

Hello Pattycake
I did a search and looks like most people were posting in 2013 and 2014 you might want to friend them and hopefully they check their email and respond

I am so sorry the embolism did not work. But thank goodness they found it.
I just did a google search on spinal injury and this maps out the areas

Hopefully you wont have any long term issues. Did you dr estimate how long your recovery would be?


Hello Pattycake

There is a separate group for spinal AVM/AVF.

here is the link.


You get more responses there.

Thank you so much!!

He said at my age there is really no recovery the operation was to stop any further detioration.