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Spinal AVM


Oct. 2013 had angiogram and the next day was operated on to fix veins that put pressure on my spinal cord which before surgery , i was paralized from waist down.. After surgety i could walk again but with help of a cane. My balance is not good even 2 yrs + . I have numbness waist down and some pain but bearable. I feel lucky to be able to walk. Also for about 6 months i had to catheter once a day and my bowels were not fonctioning properly. Now these 2 problems are almost normal again. I would like to talk to others with same problems so we can hopefully help each other understand this better. .. Richard.


Richard, it really does help hearing from you and I thank you for sharing. You remind me, I’m not the only one.


What a nice post to see Richard. Glad to see that you have made great strides over the last few years. Love the positive and encouraging post :).



Thx for the comments. We all need to communicate about spinal AVM's cause Doctors don't really know for sure what will happen after surgeries. So i am here to hear others and also to try to help. Take care all.


Hi Richard
My Boyfriend has been diagonised with spinal AVM not fully sure of all the details yet.
Got another appointment tomorrow.
I was wandering how you are coping now and if things have got better for you?
I hope they have.
Has there been anything perticuly that has helped you?
I’m sorry for all the questions.