Spinal AVM T9 T10 Level

Hi everyone, I posted some time ago on this site in regards to my husband's diagnosis of a spinal dural fistula at the T9 T10 level in 2013. At this stage my husband was very unsteady on his feet and ended up having to use crutches for balance. In August 2014 he had a fall which resulted in his becoming paralysed from the waist down and put him in a wheel chair. After 8 weeks in hospital and two unsuccessful spinal angiogram interventions, we were told that nothing more could be done for him.
We then sought other opinions, and flew down to Sydney to consult with a Dr Mark Dexter, who was sure that he could help my husband. We returned to Sydney in August 2015 and Dr Dexter performed a successful Laminectomy on my husband. For the first time since 2014 my husband is able to feel his legs and feet, and is now on a very extensive physiotherapy program, his mobility is improving day by day, his goal now is to get out of his chair for good.he still has bowel problems and has an indwelling catheter, hopefully time and hard work will improve these areas along with his mobility. My husband is 70 years old and we live on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia. I was encouraged to share his story as there are so few people who really understand what he has gone through.....oh yes best news of all the fistula has gone and there was no damage to his spinal cord

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Dear Shezza,

I am so very happy to hear your good news! Tell your husband to keep his chin up, keep working on his recovery and I will be praying for you both! All the best! Donna

Many thanks Donna, we really struggled for awhile but now we know we are on the right path. My husband has a great mindset so the continuing physio will not be a problem to him.....

I understand your post. I had AVM in my spinal cord at T9. Operation took place in Jan. 2013. Today I am 70 as well. I have Brown Sequard Sym. as a result. I can walk but I did have damage to my spinal cord. All I can say to you or anyone that has had this issue: it is what it is. We have to live with the problem, but we have to continue to realize that God has a plan for our lives. My prayers go out to you and all that has suffered through AVM in the brain or in the spinal cord.

With all my love and respect to you,

Jimmy Camp
USA, State of Georgia

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I’m glad that your husband is better now. Removing fistula by surgery was my option too and it helped. I’m 46 now. My fistula was dural fistula at the T10 level. Was found on 2011 in April and removed by surgery later same year, in September. I’m walking on my feet, although I’m not quite stable and strong.
I wish an easy recovery to your husband. I’m from Europe, Romania.
All the best !

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thanks for your reply to our email, my husbands recovery has taken a few steps backwards despite the regular physio he is now only able to transfer from his wheelchair to the bed etc,this is done very slowly at a shuffle now…we seem to have come to a halt with the Doctors here, as they do not seem to know what to do for him now…still we are hopeful they may come up with some ideas as to how to help him. You are lucky to be able to walk we wish you an ongoing recovery …we live in Australia the other side of the world…regards and all the very best to you

Thanks a lot Shezza.
(how it is that you can stand there ? :slight_smile: aren’t you falling down the earth ? :blush: :earth_asia: )

I wish you and your husband all the best.
I’ve choose not to take myself and my life seriously due to this ‘fistula’ . And I’ve realized that I’m really of no importance on this planet. Somehow this gave me peace of mind and an inner freedom with which I can live further :sunny:

Hello Shezza,

sounds similar to my story. Started 2011. First diagnosis was wrong: Multiple Sclerosis. Had some complete para attacks. Then bowel and bladder accidents. September 2012 a doctor told me, perhaps it is a spinal dural AVM/F. T8-T12, Myleopathy up to T6. Had Oct 2012 first spinal angio with embolisation. Same evening complete right side was numb. Left side para. So december second spinal angio with 4 hour (!) embolisation. Then emergency surgery laminectomy. Then march spinal angio - just check - again new feeders. Then pulmonary embolism and hernia. So they decided: No one can help me, cause the avm was to near at a major arteria. But one surgeon wanted to try it. Without try and with my history, bloodthinner and so on, death would be just a question of time. So june 2013 was the big surgery laminectomy. And the final battle: We won. Obliterated. But now still right side numb, left side para and the most bad things for me: The bowel and bladder issues. But happy, cause all the yearly checkup: No new feeders. The best wishes for you all !

:cry: OMG !!