Spinal AVM after effects

In October I had spinal embolization done on my AVM in my brain stem . There are a few side effects that I am trying to deal with . But the one thing that is still troubling me is that I would try to do simple things around the house to help my family and I get extremely fatigue. I thought that it would have gotten better by now and now I have to go back in next week for a possible fistula . Has anyone heard of anything like this?

I’m not sure of a spinal embolization but I had my last one done on a 2nd AVM in August 2016. It has taken longer than expected to get back to FT work without total exhaustion some days. I now know that things that are neurological or brain related take much longer to heal than one would like, but, that said, it will certainly develop patience and gratitude if you let it.:sunny:I do think it would be good for the docs to talk more about the reality of the recovery time, but that’s small stuff. I see things differently now. God Bless


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Thank you for that :smile:

Does your job have alot of overtime involved ? Because that is one concerns for me in this?