Speech loss before AVM rupture

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I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m just curious to know whether anyone had speech difficulties (stuttering etc) before their AVM bleed or before their AVM was found?

I had a stutter before my rupture (along with “an area of underdevelopment” noted in a report following some brain scans I had done when I was a kid), so I just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience.

Also, if anyone knows of any neuro specialists who are knowledgeable on speech loss and avms, please let me know. I’ve asked my neurologist if he thought my speech issues were related to my AVM and he said “probably” not…even though speech loss was listed as a symptom in the booklet we’d received from the unit haha! Would just be great to get clarity on that topic.


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Welcome Ali! Hopefully we’ll be able ti provide some info for you. I didn’t have any indicators of an AVM before it decided to show itself via bleed. So can’t provide any similar experiences, but likely someone from the group will be able to. Once again welcome, and happy to have you wit us!

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Before the AVM was found yes, but it was caused by the rupture/hemorrhage

I lost my speech completely until my blood pressure was semi stabilized

Prior to the bleed - no speech loss. But, blurred vision, spinal fluid coming out of my nose once(about 3 months prior to my bleed), pulsatile tenitus in my left ear & migraine like headaches