Spammer in site

Good Day!

I wanted to let everyone know that someone named Elizabeth Leveques emailed me somehow through the site saying that after she saw my profile she wanted to reach out to me. I could not find profile but she sent an email address. I responded to the email and it was actually spam. She emailed back asking for help establishing a charity in the US, something about 6.5 million dollars, and she was sick and her son was sick...Anyway, if you get a message from someone with this name you may wanna disregard. BTW there was no profile out here for her.

Juanese M.

Thank you Unbelievable1, the moderators acted to remove and block her as soon as we saw her posts earlier today but unfortunately the system had already notified you all that she had left comments for you.

Members, please do not respond to her request for you to contact her. She is a spammer/scammer.

ModSupport (JG)

My name is Chris Tuttle
Just today I got the same email
Will not reply thanks for the info
Have a great day
Chris Tuttle

I responded too! :frowning: I thought it was someone that needed help!!

I did too! That's why I responded. But now we know!

Hello there
We work really hard at keeping scammers and spammers out of our communities. It requires a lot vigilance on the part of your moderators and moderator support people: we read their profiles for clues that they really do have the disease. We use online tools so that we can compare where they say they are with where their computer really is. And we use our gut feeling.
As a result, it’s not often that we get members reporting spam. But some will always slip through the net, and then we depend on members like you to alert us that something may not be right. So thank you for letting us know! We’re sorry that happened.

Thank you for this! I just responded to her. Did not believe the email so I came to check here first. Thanks!

Thank you very much for posting this. I just received an email from her and happened to hit “Activity” after signing in and saw this.

She didn’t email me though, she apparently had commented on my profile.

No problem! I just wanted everyone to know.

No worries! It’s kinda crappy that she would do that on this site.