Sound familiar?


Here is the current mindset of my 11-year-old daughter:
– Frustrated about snarl in hair, so she just yanks out the snarled hair.
– Bad headache for 2 days
– Stomach ache so food doesn’t sound good
– Says she can’t sleep because we ran out of her sleeping meds
– Says she can’t handle school tomorrow
– Says she just wants to lay down

She’s recovering from bronchitis, flu and sinus infection. She’s been sick since before Christmas.

It was very heartbreaking to walk in her room and see her pulling out hair. Is this really going to be her mentality for the rest of her life?

Morning Tina--

I am so sorry that this is happening to your daughter--I hope that this is not the plight of her life. I will pray that she is completely healed and that you are comforted. It is so hard to deal with this pain as a child, and for a mother/parents to watch the pain is gut wrenching!!

I have had chronic migraines since I was 4 years old--most doctors did not even know much about migraines in the 60s--I have dealt with them for 44 years, and just found out 7 years ago that I have a cerebral AVM. Both my wife and kids are concerned and worry about me-my parents still worry about me!

Please seek comfort here and know that so many are sincerely involved in what you and your daughter and family go through--I wish her and you the best and hopefully these words and others can provide amazing comfort...please take care and I hope to talk to you again soon--