Sorry, the diagram of the brain map again...Please

Sorry , I will save it to favorites, although it is Not really a favorite! Truth be told I wish I didn't know how to diagram the lobes of the brain, although it Has proved to be a fun trick at parties! I'm looking for the map of which lobes are where inside my skull. Maybe I'll print it and see if someone will print it onto a T-shirt for me along with the butterfly logo! There now that's creative! Where's that link again???
Thanks all for your patience!

It would make a nice tattoo, too... :)

How about this link?

JH....My AVM friend and I got the AVM Butterfuly Tattooed on our shoulders....very cute!

Thanks JH...I've looked at several pictures of the brain...but that one is the best! got a tattoo??!! You go girl! I've had one for a very long time. Way before I knew about this AVM stuff!

Yes Trish and I love it! Am thinking of having another one, the other butterfly from the new group about's a very cute one!

I had a butterfly tattoo done a few years ago. Now it has even more meaning! It's not the AVM butterfly - but it still is a butterfly. I didn't know there was a link for the brain parts - I'm still getting to know this board. So, thank you for asking for it again - because now I have it too! Thanks!