Sorry its been so long

Alot has been going on around our house. I started a new job, so for now i am part-time and working weird shifts. I hate being away from Avery. Every day is so precious. On November 4th he had to have an Anterior Cervical Discectomy on the left side of his neck. The surgery went well. They had a hard time getting him to wake up but he is doing so much better. On Tuesday the 8th of December, when i came home from work he had been laying down all day. He wasnt feeling very good. We decided to go to the er and get him evaluated. They did a CT and told us that he had bled again. He was transported by ambulance to Vanderbilt. Dr. Mericle wanted him there and he was admitted. We had to stay in the er for almost 2 full days because there was no room in the neuro ICU. They kept evaluating him and then decided to put him in a regular room. The neurologist told us that they were going to put him on Keppra for seizures they seem to think the bleds are causing the seizures. They let him out on thursday. We are going back to Nashville on the 15th of December to see the doctor. He called to check on Avery and said that he was studying his ct and only been looking at it for about 2 hours. He was going to go over everything until he could see what needed to be done. He did tell us that the malformation on the left side of his brain wasnt the only one. That it appeared to be another one beside it and that that was the one that bled this time. These things are around 3 1/2 inches down. He also told us that there could be a chance that it was inoperable…and that if that was the case he would have to live every day to the fullest… but he would talk to us tuesday. My heart hurts and i cant stop this or fix it. This cant be happening! I am constantly praying for the love of my life!! I know God has a plan for us all and i am being selfish. I cant help it. He is my heart and my life!! Please keep him in your prayers…Love to all!!! Take Care!!

Hi Liz,

I’m really sorry about all the bad news. I’ll keep you and Avery in my prayers.

Take care,


Keppra is a great med the only thing i suggest is if you can afford it stick with the name brand and not the genetic. Or have them up the dosage a bit on the generic. I’m on the generic form and now have to also be on another seizure med cause i can’t afford the name brand and was having daily partial seizures. Which are now under control. I’m so sorry that you and Avery got bad news. Nothing is every easy or understandable with our situation. Just know that you 2 have had a great life together and live like you would hadn’t Avery found out about this mess lol. I know its easier said then done . But i will be thinking of you guys and hope you get better news tomorrow (the 15th) and have a great Christmas!!! Hugs going to both of you