Sorry I havent been around much

Hi Everyone :)
Sorry I havent been around much but I have recently undergone a mastectomy and am due to start chemo soon, The breast cancer diagnosis has hit our family like a freight train but things are slowly returning to 'normal' its just redefining the boundaries of that.
Joshua's AVM in his foot still remains unresolved at this point but we are seeing a pain management team at womens and childrens in adelaide on the 20th august and the good news is they are putting together a multidisciplinary team at the hospital to work on avm's for kids and this is happening on the 31st october! So hopefully Josh will be able to be treated here in Adelaide which will ease my anxiety somewhat and not having to seek treatment interstate.
Mods when I have more info on the team at Womens and children's I promise I will let you know so you can add the info to the site.
Take care for now everyone
Kate x

No need to apologize, Kate, it's clear you have had your hands full this summer! I am very sorry about your cancer diagnosis and hope that your treatments give you a complete cure soon and that you will be able to put this behind you. I'm so sorry a second health emergency had to hit right now, when you have been occupied trying to obtain care for your son, but I am so glad you have had good news about a team coming together in Adelaide. Take care, Kate -- I'm sending you a hug and some prayers.

thanks dancermom your thoughts are much appreciated x

Kate...My thoughts and prayers are with you and Joshua!

Thanks Louisa your kindness and prayers are appreciated x