Son's CyberKnife Radiation Update 2.5 years in

My 22-year-old son is at 2.5 years into his Cyberknife Radiation wait. The MRI this week showed about 80% shrinkage so things are still working and going in the right direction. He’ll have another MRI same time, next year, and, hopefully, it will show obliteration and an angiogram will confirm it. Keeping everything crossed! #callosalAVM


That is good news, the next year will fly by. I hope he was happy with the results, patience is key! Take Care, John.

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Thank you, John. We were all very happy with the results - including the neuro/radiologist. Just keep imagining the lights shutting off one by one in the errant vessels and hopeful for total obliteration by next summer. We all try to stay very present to get through the time. A master class in patience, for sure. Appreciate this board and the support so much! Best, Kelly

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I was 27 months from Gamma Knife until the final angio results of obliteration. Tht was a good day and for you that news will be cause for celebration! I love the analogy of the lights, that is a great way to describe what is happening. John


I’m so glad to hear about your sons experience! All the best to you!! My 28 year old daughter and I are looking at possible cyberknife treatment for her spinal AVM. Did your son have any problems or serious side effects from the radiation? Thanks for any advice you can share!

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Just give it time. I had a DAVF. I was scheduled for surgery because the week before I still had (3) feeders -(1) large & (2) small ones. I was devastated & could not believe it had not closed. They aborted the case, woke me up & said every thing was closed. Good luck…

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Hello there - sorry for my late response, I’m not getting notifications when someone reponds so I’m glad I jumped back on to see this. I’m wishing you and your daughter the best with CyberKnife if that’s the treatment plan. So far, knock wood, my son has been lucky. He experiences the normal tiredness, fuzzy head for a couple of months afterward, but has had no serious side effects/problems. He had 3, 30minute treatments over 3 days. It was his only option. All best wishes for your daughter!

Wow! What a story! Glad you are okay now - thank you!

Thank you so much! Yes, this appears to be our only option as well. I appreciate your response and I wish you all the best with continued health! Bless you!

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Wishing you and your daughter all the best - blessings from here to there!

Thank you so much!

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