Something Positive

I knew we couldn't make it to the AVM Walk in May, so my new bride and I are going down to Chrissy Field this Thursday or Friday, to trace the steps.
And to make our trip to California even more special,and positive, we shall be meeting other inspirational survivors at Mimi's Cafe near Disneyland, on the 25th March.
Now ... there's 'Something Positive'

Let’s bump this up a notch…we have lots of members who live in Southern California!

Thx for the comment Barbara. All the good SoCal members are coming to the meet (who are able to make it) - lol.
My wonderful other half and I did the Chrissy Field Walk today, and a wave of pride came over me. Knowing that so many other wonderful and inspirational people have done this walk, means so much to me.
A highlight was meeting another aussie during the walk - an elderly SanFran couple were walking their Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) so i felt right at home.
Look out Anaheim - we are coming your way!

great idea, have a great time!

The latest positive! Some 'dope' called Douglas Robinson came on this site, proceeded to blow his own trumpet on one of Ben's discussions, and basically attack the sites founder, and anyone who chose to defend the value of this family site.
He then claimed to have left the site! Thank goodness - there's a positive!

BTW you 'DILL', when you say you've left a site, it means just that. Oh - and using profanities to make a worthless point - how sad.

Before I accidentally came upon this wonderful site, I visited other sites where it was all doom and gloom, and people like Mr Robinson trying to outAVM each other.

I'm sure Mr Robinson will come up with SOMETHING POSITIVE one day - sadly, we probably won't read about it on here.

I have another positive. When we were lucky enough to catch up with some SoCal subgroup members in Anaheim, I met one of the most inspirational people on this planet - and I pray she will be a friend for life - Jaz G.
You shall go far dear lady, and so you should. Thank you for coming into our lives. You are more than skin deep, Jaz.

And my final positive on this blog. With the 8th AVM Walk happening this weekend, and knowing that there are wonderful people, from all levels of this rare condition, pushing the message of keeping the faith, on this site, that I shall slowly fade away.
I shall always be an AVMer, so i will never totally walk away - I just don't think I need to spend time on here when there are others, more knowledgeable and supportive than me. Winning your AVM battle means everything, and I'm positive that I have won mine.

You leave some pretty big shoes to fill, Tony. Please ask on the Aussie group if there is someone who would like to take on the job of welcoming the new Aussie members, as you have done such a great job of that. But, yes, go enjoy your life to the fullest -- so glad your battle is won!