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I am 5 years post AVM rupture. Last Friday (August 27) I started experiencing double vision. As of today it is no better after seeing ophthalmologist and neurologist. I have been referred to a Neuro ophthalmologist. Has this vision problem been experienced by anyone with similar rupture and could this be related to avm or something else

Hi Joyce,

One of the causes of double vision is increased intracranial pressure, so it is worth getting checked out and there can be multiple reasons for a bit of increased pressure.

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Thanks. I have appointments scheduled with a Neuro ophthalmologist

Sounds like the right thing to do. Good luck!


Hi, Joyce - I haven’t posted in forever but happened to see your question. I am 8 years out and had a catastrophic cerebellum/brainstem rupture. I was saved from double vision bc I have had a lazy eye from birth and so I’m only using one eye, anyway. My vision was impacted heavily, however, and I did Vision Therapy. There are 2 camps re. Vision Therapy, often divided between Neuro Opthamologists vs. Neuro Optometrists. I have seen both and got answers and measurable results from the Neuro OPTOMETRIST. 7 years out I experienced appalling additional hearing loss, and no one could give me a good answer on why it happened that far away from the rupture, but it also makes me unsurprised that you got double vision 5 years in. I’m sorry that’s happening. I’m just suggesting, do some research on Neuro Optometrists and Vision Therapy in your area.

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Please see no. 2 in this post re. VT