Some Questions?If you know answers or advice please write back

Does radiation necrossis ever go away?I have it from 2 stereotactic radiowave surgey.My avm is gone through mri but i still have have to a angio on august 29 to make sure the bottom is completely gone because the bottom part of the avm was intwined in my upper layer of brain tissue.My other question also is what triggers siezures anykind from this type of injury?Thanks

Hi Amber,

I'll take a stab at the 2nd question. What causes seizures? Lot of stuff.

The real answer is probably no one knows. Some with AVMs have seizures, some don't. Some haven't had seizures, then get treated for an AVM, then seizures start. Some had seizures, and after treatment, they stop.

Seizures (as best I understand it) are abnormal/uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain that can manifest in many different kinds and intensities of seizures. When you say seizure, people tend to think of the grand mal, which is the falling down, body convulsing one. My son had complex partial seizures where he zoned out. We could be sitting at dinner with you, he'd have a seizure, and you mostly likely would not be aware of it.

In my Son's case, mostly likely scar tissue from an infection (he didn't have an AVM) caused something to trigger electrical activity/seizures. In my wife (with AVM)'s case, it was mostly likely pressure from the AVM causing her seizures. Even though her AVM is gone, she still has electrical activity, so she has to take anti-S meds. My son had his amygdala removed (where the hotspots were coming from) and he's been seizure free for 6 years. If he goes off anti-S meds for three months and passes an EEG, he can stop anti-S meds.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Thanks I have onset partial siezures where i have weekness on my rightside and tight stiff nubmness like a stroke and cant focus well.

Hi Amber. You may wish to message Ben Munoz directly. I know he had some problems with radiation necrosis and now he has been accepted into medical school! I just met a man who had 4 strokes 20 years ago and spent 17 years in a wheelchair. 3 years ago he started walking with a leg brace! He just kept working with his muscles so they would not atrophy. Never give up!!!

I took a quick look at articles on radiation necrosis, Amber. Some indicated that follow-up surgery can be helpful, and others recommended Avastin as a drug therapy for radiation necrosis. Keep learning all you can, and discuss what you learn with your doctor. Best wishes!

thank you