Soft corn from adjusted mobility?

I have caused a soft corn to develop by my pinkie toe (on the ball of my foot, what luck!). I have an extremity AVM on the inside of my left heel, so I’ve always walked on my toes and leaned towards the outside of my foot. It means I don’t have to step on my heel, and this way I can stay off of my crutches (long story short, I hate my crutches, and they feel like an overexaggeration compared to how most people end up on them.)

Well, now I have the MOTHER OF ALL CORNS on my foot. I cannot get this thing to go! And of course it is in such a strange spot that I can’t get any sort of removal product to stick (and if you know AVMs, you know that many of them cause extra heat and sweat to the general area). So it’s just awful.

Anyone have experience in treating these kind of things? I’m at the end of my rope trying to get rid of any foot pain I can. :grimacing:

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@EmmaMargret Hello - I have not had a corn but my husband gets one and our foot dr uses a scalpel and shaves it off. This usually is good for 2-3 years for him.

I would say try and go to a podiatrist (I think that is the proper term for the foot specialist?) - I have to go to one for insoles, and they take care of corns as well. Not too uncomfortable, and they will be able to deal with it properly for you. Hope it gets better soon!

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