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Social Security Disability


Hi all,

It’s now been 4 1/2 months since the procedure that left me with hearing and voice and headache and balance issues. It’s been 3 months since I applied for Social Security Disability. My questions for today are:

  1. I have been living without my income for 4 1/2 months - fortunately, my wife makes a good living as an RN so we aren’t homeless or on the verge of it. But we are seeing the credit card bills climbing higher and higher and it’s getting harder and harder to balance the money for the month. I really want to get the disability because then I can rebuild at my pace not at a forced pace. Any idea how long it would take and when we might hear anything? Do I try to hold out or do I look for a part-time job that I can “get through” to keep us afloat? I can probably make it through a 4 hour shift - I would just need time every day after that to isolate and quiet myself and my head.
  2. Does anyone know whether a part time or temporary income earning position wipes out what you’re hoping for with Social Security?

Any other ideas?




I used a reputable SS disability lawyer (the fees are reasonable as they are set bySSA) and I received disability on the first try.
I would be cautious of working PT as they may see that you can work and it may affect your case.


Thanks, Mike - that’s one of my concerns too. Two things happened yesterday that are “of interest” in this whole mess. First, I actually got a call from Social Security. This is the first that I’ve heard from them since I applied on March 13. They confirmed that they had received all of my medical records from my doctors and had a couple of minor detail questions and that they were sending it on to the next phase. This is good news! While he said he couldn’t commit to any timelines he said the fact that I had requested that my doctors send my records already will help. So here’s hoping and praying that they respond to it soon with an approval.

Secondly - we went to my nephew’s wedding last night. It was basically about 6 1/2 hours around people, around noise and the last couple of hours were really noisy (no I did not get out on the dance floor!). I felt so miserable the last half of while I was there and for probably the next 3 hours that realistically, the thought of me working even part time, just isn’t realistic - unless I wanted to work for 4 hours, recover for 4 hours every day. sigh

Mike - after I had applied for Social Security online, I talked to an attorney from our church - he then talked to one of his partners who specializes in disability insurance cases - and she said that there’s no reason to get her involved since I had already applied - unless they deny it. Is the place you worked with licensed to do these cases nationally or just by state? I hope it doesn’t get to it, but I’m trying to formulate a “plan B” in case plan A get’s turned down.




Tom how old are you? If you are older than 50 you have a good chance of being approved. I would not work and if you get denied you can hire an attorney and they can assist you. I was approved and its been 6 years and now SSDI is saying I am now fine…so now I am meeting with an attorney.
I love how they have drs that have never seen me and are internal med drs comment on rare brain issues.
I cant take opiates so I hope that has not put something against me -
I gave up a 6 figure job that I loved and was great at doing but given I never know from day to day if I am going to be in bed all day or if I am going to be vomiting its hard to think that I am able to go back to work.
I am hopeful you get approved!


Angela - thank you. You give me hope. I’m 53 and some days feel like I am 83 - but two teenagers at home yet - life is never as quiet as my head needs it to be. :slight_smile:


Hey there Tom. I just wanted to chime in and say, I’m 36 and got approved after 1 appeal. The Social Security office initially denied my claim. However, after working with the local DARS agent and offices, we did our due diligence and fed the social security office all of my paperwork spanning back 18 years. Whether by sheer volume of paperwork or simple appeal of the claim, it went through. It is troublesome however to see how difficult it is to get approved. But hang in there, you’ll make it through!