Social Security Disability Benefits

My doctor’s have recommend me to get a lawyer and apply for disability because I will need the insurance in the long run and also they don’t want me to work because they don’t want any extra strain on my heart. My question to those of you who are receiving benefits due to your AVM (more specifically for AVMs of the extremities or pelvis rather than brain/spine), how long did it take for your claim to be approved? I’ve had a lawyer since the beginning of the application process and it was denied and I’m currently in appeal. It’s been over a year and I’m getting stressed out because my current insurance will be canceled soon and I know that the doctors that social security have reviewing my case have no clue what an AVM actually is or how it affects you. I know getting on disability for an AVM is doable, because my doctor’s told me that they helped someone else they treat that is around my age get it. And I also know that in general disability can take a few years to get on anyways. I’m just wondering what some of your experiences with it have been.

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I am on SSDI and I originally applied for it about 6 weeks after the emboizations that originally caused the disability portion (not the original ones 42 years ago, but 3 1/2 years ago. The embolizations happened the end of January of 2018, I applied for SSD without an attorney and was turned down in August (after the lady who was processing my claim told me, "I can’t verify it, but if I’ve ever seen a no brainer, yours should be a slam dunk to get approved.) 6 weeks after she told me that, they turned me down. We then started over with a highly recommended personal injury attorney and it ended up taking 20 months from date of surgery until we received the first check.

Hang in there.


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Did they give you back pay for the whole 20 months or only up to the first year? My information may be incorrect but from what I read they will only give you back pay up to 12 months.

They give you back pay up to 6 months after “it” happened. Now mine was very obvious when it happened, I couldn’t walk straight and I was talking even more whacko than I normally do. My attorney said that is often a big problem trying to nail down a “date.”

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Mine was brain so automatic acceptance. Everyone I’ve talked to says that they all got approval eventually. Sometimes the third time. My understanding is different than TJs. I think you get back pay to the event. Medicare back to event + 6 months. I work a little now. 20hrs weekend keep my disability. I’m still under on my TWPs. Trial Work Period

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My husband was a high power lineman and was electrocuted, burned 42% 3rd and 4th degree and had to have his right leg amputated below the knee. Our lawyer said it would take 3 tries and he was right. The 3rd submission was approved only after they were convinced his leg would not grow back. Hang there. The government offices aren’t to intelligent some times.


Omg I’m so sorry, I can’t believe they were that daft! :confused: It also doesn’t help that none of the doctors they have reviewing my case even understand what an AVM is. One of them asked me why don’t they just remove it. Uh because they would be removing a huge portion of my body and I physically can’t live like that lol.

I first had a stroke due 5 CVST blood clots and was paralyzed, then got my DAVF about 6 months later.
My work actually applied for me cause they didn’t want to continue paying Ltd .
I was approved right away.
I did try to go back to work. You can go on and off it the first 5 years .
A few years ago out of the blue they decided to say I could go back to work even though I have more stuff wrong with me.
So I did get a lawyer and won and they did pay me all my back which was like 18 months .
Stick with it. Keep all your records.
I think with Covid things are taking longer too. Ask your lawyer for an update .
Don’t be afraid to ping them.

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