Social Security - Denied

And I don't have the energy to go to court to fight them.

But you have to. Most claims are denied the first time because Social Security is betting that people just give up. I was denied twice. Then I got a lawyer. If you don't have a lawyer you must get one. They don't get paid unless they win your benefits. The amount they can earn is also capped and that's a Federal law. The biggest mistake I made when I originally filed was not having a lawyer do it for me. Seek out a lawyer in your area that specializes in Social Security Disability cases. Do not give up!

Trish is right. I have a friend who needs a lung transplant and she was even denied the first time. Go figure (?) I was denied the first time to. I got an attorney, he filed the appeal and I won my case. My hearing only lasted about 10 minutes. The hearing itself wasn't bad at all. I was nervouse when I went in but, happy when I came out. :)



I completely agree with what Trish and Ben posted.
Get legal representation. The attorney pay/compensation is capped by federal law. It is also my understanding that they do not charge any fees untill they win the appeal. Only at that time do you/or SS, give them a capped percentage for their work.

Your friend,...


Hey Zilly 74,

William is right... they only get paid when you win your case. It'a a one time fee of the percentage you are awarded of your back pay S.S. owes you. Yes. You will get a calcuated back pay from when you first became disabled. S.S. will pay the fee to the attorney for you, from the amount you are awarded. And the attorney has to accept that amount. The attorney's fees are federaly controlled when it comes to disability cases.

There is very little work for you to do. The attorney does it all. That's what he gets paid for. right? Hee Hee


I hate to say it but you do not have the luxury of giving up. As the others have said…GET A LAWYER!

Enlist the help of a loved one and get a good lawyer who can help you navigat this. Don't give up!!!

I just had another seizure the day before yesterday which landed me in the hospital. I'm not giving up. I filed my appeal.