So upset

my name is lacey rouse i am 27 year old mother of two toddlers i just found out i have a large avm and am experiencing the sound of the blood rushing through my avm whenever i sit or lay down. i dont have insurance and no one will help me do you know where i can go anyone?

With no insurance, I would look to possibly relocating to a country like Canada with universal health care, or hopefully the health reform bill comes through from Obama and company. I dunno what I would do without insurance, I just got a bill back from my first Angiogram and it was 14k (pre insurance) alone for that, I can only imagine what the embolization procedure costs. Best of luck to you and Canada is a beautiful country.

I’m not sure if this will help but one of our members posted it a while back NIH Patient Recruitment for Arteriovenous Malformation Clinical Trials

I would check into info on any free studies with some web sites, Ning might be one or check with some of the major hospitals and treatment centers. Cleveland Clinic etc. Best wishes to you. I am sorry to hear this. Try to pray for some direction on what to do and also start your research.

Hi Lacey,

I agree with the others that you might be able to find a NIH trial that will help you, at the website Gordon gave. Maybe you can ask the doctor who diagnosed your AVM to help you with this?

You might also want to contact a group like the Foundation for Health Coverage Education. They have state-by-state info about programs you might be eligible for. Their site is: (Hotline 800-234-1317)

Keep us posted on how your search goes!


thanks everybody for your help i sent emails to the clinical trials. and hope to hear back soon I will use the phone # tomorrow. And as for Canada I’ve always wanted to travel to Canada. My husbad and I have discussed that option and we are willinng to do it if it is necessary. althought I heard it takes a long time to get things done we are looking into Europe ohlala. Honestly I’m trying to stay possitive I feel terrible constant headaches weird pains and i can barely see and go figure the computerr screen is killing me. thanks so much everyone please keep talking to me