So tired and sleepy

How can I feel so good then feel like crap? I slept all weekend except long enough to use the bathroom, ect. Could it be the radiation? I had my 2nd treatment 9/3/2013. I had a seizure 1 week later. I have felt so energetic and felt like doing house work and exercising, ect. But this past week I have felt sleepy everyday at work and just crashed this weekend. My head feels so full, outside light bothers my eyes. I can feel my heart beat in my head again. My husband says I should call my doctor but I am waiting to see if it passes. I would hate to call and it just be sinus issues or something like that and have to go through all that mess. I live 3 hours from my doctor.

I know following surgery I slept literally 15-18 hours a day. If yours bled, it could be just your brain recovering…

Mine didn't bleed, thank the Lord. I think maybe it was some swelling starting from the radiation treatment I had back September 2013. But who knows. I do know that I had to go to ER here where I live because I was having a headache that I couldn't get relief from. Before, it was edema that was causing it. They gave me an injection of steriods and something for pain. They also gave me a prescription for a steriod dose pack. They ended the headache and the full feeling in my head. So that had to have been what it was.