So many unanswered questions

Hey everyone just wanet to hear some advice, about my many unanswered questions. I was only 16 when I was diagnosed, and my parent’s coming from very old fashioned households didnt educate themselves, I think it mostly terrified them. They didnt want to really admit that I was sick untill I started loosing my sight and started having seizures. :frowning: but they finally gave up and cried for a while and admitted me to the hospital, I had 2 surgeries and for some reason I only remember one. I think I might have blocked it out. So now im 27 years old and still have zero closer about what happened. I was left with anxiety, depression and my own diagnosis of insomnia. I hate going to hospitals because it reminds me of the whole ordeal, like I need another reminder since I will be taking seizure meds for the rest of my life. Again I was only 16 so I didn’t think to ask ?? I dont even know if im capable of asking my neurologist any questions due to my anxiety over all this. So now having a child of my own makes me realize that if I was ever put in my parents shoes I would handle it in a different way. So im trying to educate myself and catch up on everything that I went through and so many of you are going through aswell. I feel for you all and know exactly what you all are going through. Thank u for letting me vent, it might sound a little confusing since I think I was rambling but I hope u all can take a look at this and can give me some advice on anything… much love Rose

Hi, Rose, if you can obtain your records, it's possible that your gp could go over them with you, for starters, if that would be less anxiety provoking. It doesn't sound like there is a need for hurry, so take your time getting comfortable with the new information, and just keep reminding yourself, information won't hurt you. Do you still have seizures? Or are the meds just preventive?