So MAD! Migraines!

So fed up with my migraines. Called my doctor today, my epilepsy doctor - poor lady is the one who all of my neuros passed me onto. She claims the topomax (along with all of the other neuros) is the magic cure. I've been on this since February. My migraines have been ALL MY LIFE. Since my gamma in Feb., my migraines have been a level 10. Since my seizure last month, a level 297949. I call her today and she told me that it could take weeks, if not months for the topomax to work for migraines. It's been 5 months. And she doesn't want to increase, she doesn't want to add anything, she says, magnesium and B-6. WHAT? A vitamin regimen? REALLY? TRIED IT ALREADY. YEARS AGO. So now I'm here to see if anyone has actually tried it with Topomax and if it actually worked for them.


So fed up.

Hi I also take topamax to try and help my headaches. I started the medicine roughly 6 months ago and like you they HAVE NOT gotten any better!!! Im also fed up as hell!! I go back to my Dr on July 9th and Im going to ask that he either incresae the doasge or we try something else. I get the tingling and numbness side effects everyday from the topamax and i hate it! I take it twice a day which is a total of 50 mg. On top of my other seizure meds so Im totally over the added tiredness and then the side effects. So I feel your pain, in more ways than one :( Good luck to you hope you get some anwsers!!!!


Wow. I thought my migraines were bad! I woke up with one this morning, still have it but it's survivable. I'm not on a daily medication. I take a sumatriptan which works amazingly well for me. It's expensive but I go through our clinic so it's really cheap for me ($5 for 18 instead of the hundreds it would normally cost). It's less effective than eletriptans but it works fine for me and my migraines can be pretty disabling. I know my signs immediately, they usually wake me up hours before I normally wake up - I only seem to get them in the mornings[?]. A couple of times (since my craniotomy in May 2011) I went to the ER for my migraines, they've been that bad one time they thought I was having another stroke but it was just the migraine, but I haven't had to go in since I started taking Imitrex and my migraines aren't as frequent anymore either (I doubt that's related to the Imitrex). I haven't really heard anything good about Topamax or any other daily migraine medication so I just asked my neuro for a non-narcotic med and he gave me Relpax. I told him it worked great so he gave me the Imitrex. I don't know if you've tried it or what other drugs you may have tried but before the imitrex...dillaudid was the only thing that could make my migraines better when hours of sleep didn't help.
Oh, I've also had migraines all my life.....or at least about the last 10 years or so.