So happy

Today marks 6 months of a long and challenging road of recovery. When I sit and think about all that I've been through no words can really express how grateful I am to see another day. My surgery has saved my life in many ways . I am blessed to have both good and bad days it has taught me to look at life in a whole different way. Thanks to my amazing family and friends who have walked beside me during this difficult time . I pray that I continue to do well. I'm looking forward to reaching my 1yr mark.

Congrats Nay! It is a long road but well worth the journey.

Congratulations, Nay! May the next six months bring you good health and continued progress in your recovery!

This post makes me smile. So glad to hear you are well. Celebrate each day, make it count!

Thanks everyone. I will keep everyone posted! im just happy that i made it to this point....the ups and downs, the unknown can really make a person go crazy. I lost my bestfriend, and ended a long terrmm relationship during this journey as if i needed more stress but i am firm believer that this happens for a reason as much as it hurt i hope to move forward bc there isn't anything more important then me at this point. I'm learning that i must put me first ppl come in and out of ur life. I pray that i continue to find peace and not dwell on the takes to much energy..i can use that to heal. Again thanks for everyones support :)