So Grateful!

When my AVM was discovered in September of 2005, I was terrified. In fact, I was so scared that I would die before Christmas! I let my husband know where all the gifts were hidden and wrote goodbye letters to him and our two children.

Well, I am still here,obviously! And while so many things have changed that are unwelcome, I am so very grateful for these eight years! A lot of good has come from this darn AVM. My marriage has become husband has really come through for me and I appreciate all the things he does for us that much more. I am much closer to God now too and am so grateful for each extra day He has given me. My children have also matured and stepped up to the plate to do the things I can no longer do for the family. I have learned which people are truly my friends and not just "fair weather" friends.

Do I still get frustrated when I can't do things that were second nature ti me? Sure. But look at all I've gained!

Awww, Connie T, thank you so much for posting this message. I typed goodbye letters too to my husband and 2 children after the 2nd time that I "crossed over" in October 2012. Like you, I'm still very much here and grateful for so much especially the blessings in my life of my husband, children, my son's wonderful girlfriend and her adorable 2 year old daughter, my great friends, my health despite my limitations, caring brothers, this supportive community and God. I wish you many Christmas blessings!

Morning Connie--

That is so great to hear about the blessings in your family's lives! That is a testimony to you and the strength and concern for you by your family and friends--

It is easy to voice our disgusts and hardships on here, and that is good--those with pain and chronic pain need to deal with the issues head on and not just try to avoid them. It is hard to avoid a health issue like an AVM or another disease with chronic pain. It does take its toll on the one dealing with the pain, the family and the caregivers that are around.

God is such a central part of how we deal with our pain and how we are grateful for our blessings...EVERY SINGLE DAY!! My wife and I wish you the best for the coming days, and thanks again for sharing your life of hope and we pray that continues. I would like to send a Friend Request also. Please take care--

Dave and Laura La Ravia

Merry Christmas, Ninibeth!

Thank you, Dave & Laura.

Merry Christmas, Susan!