So glad that it is almost over!

"I was so scared to go but I did it. now I have to do one more procedure then I am done! I have to do radiation once. Thanking GOD!!!"

If I remember right, Solomon, when you first joined here, you thought you wouldn’t treat your avm, but reading people’s stories gave you the courage to go ahead. We’re with all the way. Best wishes for your upcoming radiosurgery!

Hi Solomon. Yay for your positive posting and yay for your thanks to God. There are many on this website who have experienced radiation (myself included) so feel free to reach out here if you need reassurance but even your all caps title makes me smile. I can tell you know how to see the positive aspect.

Thank you so much all of you!!! And your right all the stories did help me a lot!!!

Solomon, I'm so glad for you! Stay Strong & Positive and always know we are here to support you!

Way to go, Solomon! Radiosurgery is the beginning of the end. I look forward to the day you can day your AVM is obliterated!

yay!! so happy to hear =)