So glad I asked

I just found out today that I would have to have another angiogram done on the 26th of October. This coming Monday. I thought they would just be doing the face mask, but they will have to do another angio with a mask for the planning for the radiation. Long day to say the least. I'm glad I sent an email to question them about doimg the procedures in the same day. If I had not, I would not know that I would have to have another one. Plus I will still have to have an embolization down the road. At least I don't have to have the halo put back on. My doctor had me scared that I have to. They can do it now with the mask just on. Wish it had been that wat 3 years ago!

Hoping for good results for you

Your in my prayers and keep us posted Mel...God bless!

Wishing you all the best