Probably shouldn’t admit this… but we had a BLAST freaking the kids out with my brain MRI scans last night! So much FUN HA!! We have discussed “IT” (my unruptured AVM) with them (boy 10, girl 10, boy 6 girl almost 3… Baby was asleep!) and they wanted to see my MRI. It was viewed “slice by slice” and would start with a scan of my ear and go by slice to my full head!! Such a great Halloween activity hee hee! They would scream and shriek! Ahhhh ha ha !!! Making this thing into some fun times and good memories!! Now all I have to do it open my eyes really wide and stare at them and they giggle!!!

Hi Misti. B. Well some of us do refer to our AVMs as The Beast. Perfect for Halloween! Thank you for reminding everyone…it is not all doom and gloom!

AVMs are just little lumps of love in your brain.

Word! One thing I have learned is that they are many different things to a few “lucky” people who have em! I am attempting to embrace life… after having it come to a screeching halt with a diagnosis… I lived today! I am blessed! My children are healthy and all is well and if later tonight this thing in my head acts up, I have told all the people that matter to me that I love them today!! Living one day at a time is new to me but I kinda like it!!! Smile

I go to the Francis H. Burr Proton Beam Therapy Center for radiation now that my embollizations are done and I see bald children with cancer coming and going, ecstatic to ring the bell that signals their treatments are over with. We all deal with the cards we're dealt, but some people, even children, have it far worse than us. Ugh, I just made this thread depressing. I didn;t mean to.

Hi Boston Celtics. How cool…sounds like you are paying it forward!

no barbara, im ruining this bad!

I cannot imagine if this was happening (AVM) or anything else to one of my kiddos but seems like children deal better then adults usually… Smile!! Which I was more like em!

Hi Misti,

I don't think you were bad @ all. First, they wanted to see the MRI. Second, humor is a great way to help get through the AVM experience for you and your family!

Take care,

I LOVE this post. Yes, it is almost Halloween and your attitude (and humor) is awesome. Keep it up! It will serve you and your children well. :J