So frustrated

I had my angiogram last week (3/18). Dr. Barrow also wants an fMRI to see how close my AVM is to the speech center of my brain (understandable). Unfortunately, the earliest they could get me in to get the fMRI was 5/5, which is still two weeks away. I called the doc's office just to see if I could get information on what the angiogram revealed...size, depth, etc. but was told I wouldn't be given any information until he had looked at both tests.

I get the point of having the whole picture, I really do, but I want to feel like I am being kept in the loop. I don't understand why he can't just say "the angiogram shows that your AVM is ____ cm, located near the _______ and is/is not a good candidate for surgical removal."

Sorry, just venting....

Hang in there, faux. May the time pass swiftly.

Jess, you want nothing less than an angiogram and MRI. Those show so much detail that the doctors can pinpoint the best course of action. I don't remember exactly what the angiogram showed (it's been too many years), but I do know you will be fine from it. I had three when I was at the Mayo in 1987, before and after surgery. My heart is with you. You hang in there and we'll get through this together!

Faux, I think the FMRI was look at the brain in addition to the functional piece (close to the speech center. The docs at Emory want the best look possible before making a recommendation, and the last thing they want is to mislead you without all the pieces to the puzzle.
The good news is they could fit you in tomorrow if they felt it medically necessary, but they must feel comfortable with your condition to wait a couple of weeks.