So frustrated!

I am so tired of my AVM being used against me when I stand up for myself. Being told that my opinions don't count because it's up to someone else to make decisions because my mind is not right.

Sorry for this rant. I know that many of you can relate!

I’m sorry you are going through this Connie. You have always seemed perfectly rational to me, so I see no reason why your opinions should be discounted. Next time someone pulls this on you, try telling them that being judgmental is a mental disability, too, and you have reluctantly decided that you must discount their opinions because of their judgmentalism. That should at least make them stop and think…

We can relate. It is easier for them to attribute things we say that they do not agree with
to our past illness than take the time to argue it out. I just hope that they do not
one day have to go through something like we have gone through. I would not wish that
on anyone!

Love that comeback, Madere!

We still haven't got an answer to Christina's illness. Our nuerologist feels that her symptoms are not caused by migraines, but rather systemic or auto-immune. She sent Christina to a rhuematologist, who in turn sent her to an allergist and wants her to see a different pulmonologist (although she is already under the care of two!). Now Christina is experiencing tingling and numbing in her extremities!