So confused

I went for my cerebral angiogram last week. Before the procedure the docter explained to me that tje reason I was there was because a small malformation was found on the left side of my brain. He then described it as a small mess in my head. After the angio he told me that they did not find a malformation and that.I need to talk to my doctor about my headaches. I was so happy about the news and did not bother to ask any questions. I went home amd let all my loved ones that everything is good! The following day I received a call.from the hospital wanting me to come in for another CT scan. Well took me by surprise! I went for the second CT scan on Tuesday. My family doctor has not yet received the results.from the angio or the second CT scan. I am taking this as a good sign. No news is good news I guess. so stressed!

I hope it is good news! Stay close to this site for info and support. God Bless You!