So confused!

So i went to the neurologist today to go over my ct angio results. I have a Dva associated with my ccm.The report said there is an increase risk of hemorrhage when these to are together. I read that the gamma knife is not the rigth treatement for ethier of those. I think the nerologist is trying to play brain surgeon lol. I am going to follow up with Dr. Kim & Dr. Duma and see what they think. I currently dont have any symptoms. Just anxiety and headaches. I hope to here answers on weds.

In my experience it's been difficult finding a neurologist knowledgeable in CM's & would encourage seeking another dr. until you feel satisfied w/your care.
Medical teaching universities tend to be among the best places to look. :)

thanks Patti. I been reading more and more. I have a few more calls into other neurologist. Not sure how to go about finding one that knows about CCms. I hope that Dr. Duma and KIm canpoint me into the direction of one.

Patti is right. Teaching University Hospitals tend to attract the better doctors. Please keep us posted and Good Luck!

I'll be thinking about you. Take deep breaths and try not to be so anxious. grace

I have to agree with Grace. Anxiety has a way of getting (or taking) the best of us. Do what you can to get around that. Deep breaths, focusing on other things, even a sense of humor helps keep the anxiety away. We have a group on here called laughter and humor that may help or at least give you a chuckle. It’s at Best of luck!

Hoping tomorrow's appt. provides you with answers & a peace of mind.

Thanks Patti. I have prepared a whole bunch of questions for them hopefully they can answer them. I know each brain and CMM is different. I hope my isnt to complex with the DVA. I know that this is my first bleed and hopefully last :).