Small update following the seizure

My sister called me today telling me about his trip last night to the hospital. They don’t know exactly what’s causing the seizures and his neurosurgeon said that they’re only mild. It still causes great concern for me. Every time he has a seizure it begins with a fever spike and then he seizures and wants to sleep. Although my nephew has AVM, my sister hasn’t read anything about it and only knows what the doctors have told her. I was researching it today because of her lack in knowledge about my nephew’s condition and she was surprised at some of the things i was reading to her from the NINDS, Mayo Clinic, and Children’s Hospital websites.

Sorry I got off track…

Anywho, Brandon was up and back to normal today. He wasn’t interested in sleeping and when I spoke to her he was sitting in his playroom watching the movie Open Season. He talked to me on the phone for a minute before he decided to answer “no” to everything and proceeded to hang up the phone like most tots accidentally do. I’m glad he’s doing okay, I just wished they knew what was causing the unexplained spiked fevers and seizures.

Hi Amanda
Thanks for the update. I cannot even begin to imagine the worry.
All the best to you, your sister and little Brandon!

Poor little guy. I forgot…how old is Brandon?

Never mind…I just saw his picture. What an adorable little boy!

Hello. What a beautiful boy ! You are a good auntie. Hope your sister appreciates your involvement, that’ what sisters are for. Especially the really loving ones such as you are. You are all in my prayers. Brandon is blessed to have you all. Good name-same as my Grandson.