Small improvements

Well, I’ve been taking Keppra for about a month now and I finally feel like things are settling in a little. The huge bouts of depression and moodiness I had for the first few weeks have slacked off and most days I feel mostly normal. I’m also not feeling the fatigue like I did at first. It’s such a relief! This week marks my last week being able to drive for awhile because I’ll be taken off the Depakote soon… although I have to admit I haven’t been taking it like I should since I started taking the Keppra. I don’t anticipate problems. I’m feeling really nervous and unsure about the driving issue. Just the thought of having to rely on others for those things drives me crazy. Currently I drive everywhere… even when it’s me and friends or me and my husband… it’s still me at the wheel. It makes me anxious looking forward. I keep telling myself that it’s only for awhile though and it’ll all be worth it in the end and am trying to look on the bright side that work won’t be able to send me out on stupid errands anymore like they have tendency to do to us. It’s my one bright spot.

I’ll be calling my neuroradiologist soon to discuss options, but need to wait until work calms down to do so.

Besides that, things have been busy with work and life in general. My husband is working at an air show this weekend so I actually have some time to myself for once. I enjoyed a farmers market yesterday and a flea market today and plenty of time left to catch up on laundry. Yay!

I’ve been on Depakote for seizures for about 8 years and am going to stop taking it and start taking Keppra instead. Right now I’m in the stage of building Keppra up and starting to ween off of Depakote. Since ‘technically’ they don’t know if Keppra will control my seizures, I have to stop driving awhile. :frowning:

Look on the bright side— no road rage!!
Have your husband dress in a chauffer outfit…might be fun…!!!
Best of luck on the drug change.

Oh, Brian, you’red a riot! What a great idea!

Nooooo Brian I like him in his uniform, Beth don’t listen to Brian and i’ll keep you company on days out :wink:

You guys are a riot! Thanks for the boost… I’m off to find my husband’s uniform and some big mints :slight_smile: