Slurred Speech

Can i ask, do many peple get slurred speech, from time, to timek?

I know I do…

I do, especially when I’m tired, talk too much and/or talk too fast, and/or don’t take a proper breath inhalation to help support what I want to sa.

When i talk too much it quite often happens, in the evenig usually.or after a tiring walk.

Almost everyone on here says their deficits become more pronounced when they are tired. This includes members with aphasia or other speech type problems.

Yeap... Me too. I've even said words backwards already, small ones. I don't notice it when I do it but, my friends tell me what I said.


yes i sure do

I talk a lot and when i get excited and talk fast this happens. its quite bad. people dont even bother listening to messages on their phones bc people cant understand me

Wow Julie, that happens to me. What annoys me is that it annoys my husband and he will interrupt me in the middle of my conversation to tell me to calm down and I forget my train of thought or where I was in the conversation. He forgets I had partial seizures all day and had a hard time forming my sentences for seven hours because he wasn’t around me all day. He should at least know better than to interrupt when I’m trying to talk about something important to me.People don’t understand. I forget words so I use the word dude in place of the words that I forget hahaha but this topic got me thinking that maybe my speech problems as a child were related to my AVM. My AVM was not found until I was 39 years old and I have had major speech problems since my surgery