Slight Update possibly more to come


I saw a new neurologist today. I realize they are not always the best drs to treat the AVM but I was somewhat relieved as this neurologist did a trigger point exam and I have slot of muscle spasms, and this dr thinks that my enlarged artery on the left side is being pushed from the muscles spasming so they are going to still do a venogram and also do physical therapy. Apparently a regular CT scan with contrast dye is known as an angiogram in the medical community…they said they got a clear picture of my arteries. One seems ttoo be doing more work than the other, but I have been told it is normal anatomy. A times I get such bad pain with the smallest amount of movement. Yet other times although I can hear the sounds the pain is gone. It is apparently tied to muscle spasms they think. So perhaps I do not have an AVM after all.