Sleeping problem

Iam from Kenya,I Was diagnosed with brain Avm in 2015.I have been on lamotrigine 50mg per day. While iam sleeping specifically at night i tend to miss breath I usually wake up in panic,i try gasp for air and cough to breath well. is there anyone with the same experience.

Kaara, hi!

Welcome fo avmsurvivors! It’s good you found us.

I’ve done a little search round and it seems some of the other guys with cerebellum AVMs have had a sleep study done to determine if something like sleep apnoea is going on for them. I’ve separately sent you the link for that conversation.

On the face of it, it sounds to me like having something unusual going on in your cerebellum can have some of the effects you describe. Have you talked to your doctor about it? I am not familiar with how one might mitigate sleep apnoea.

Hope some of this might help.

Very best wishes


Kaara, I just had a Level three sleep test which is done at home. I don;t have the results as of yet but it is really easy and once the results are received there is a multitude of possibilities if a sleep disorder is identified. This is the test to see if more is required or not.

This might be an easy first step if available nearby. Take Care, John.