Sleeping pills cause me to fall and not remember

I took some sleeping tablets to help me sleep last night and it worked but i fell down the floor last night and don’t remember it. I don’t have an AVM anymore since the last angiogram showed that it has completely gone from the cyberknife. I don’t have any head pain after the fall, nor was there any bruising. Should I be concerned and get an MRi?

I’m certainly no doctor but I would guess it would not be related to the AVM, particularly since your last angio results. I would certainly discuss the medication with your doctor if prescribed or a pharmacist. I also love Dr. Google and look to side effects of medication, and this case would explore impact on blood pressure or possible drops related to medication and movement. But as my nurse wife says, if you blacked out and hit the floor a chat with a doctor or primary care provider should occur. Take Care, John.

Should i be concerned about my brain. I don’t remember If I hit my head from the fall? It doesn’t hurt at all at the moment. if It was damage would it give signs or symptoms?

I would certainly go see my care provider. I would want to be sure if I had any doubt at all. Take Care, John.