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My husband is five years post rupture. He’s beat many odds and has come miraculously far. I try to keep the progress going with a multitude of activities to strengthen every area. When I say every area, I mean he’s gone from long term coma and waking to be considered quadriplegic to just about everything moving and trying to relearn everything. My question is that I don’t know how to balance his sleep with his activity. I don’t know how to tell how much sleep he needs. I don’t know when I push too hard or if I let him sleep too much when maybe I should try to reestablish “normal” patterns. Sometimes he’s just too tired for his therapy and I don’t know if it’s that I let him be sleepy too much. I also don’t know who would be the resource to give guidance on this topic.




I know nothing about these things but I do remember that your husband is a pastor and he’s been making slow but steady progress to get better. I’ve even managed to look back and find your blog on the church web site, so I really want to ask how well you are doing towards Joe coming home?

I hope some of those @ParentsAndCarers looking after people who are as poorly as your husband can help answer your question.

Very best wishes




Thank you for asking. I’m ready to take him home but still trying to finish the tiling of the restroom. Someone had offered to do it labor free if we pay materials but they haven’t found time. I don’t have any money budgeted for it but I am presently checking for cost to get someone else.

My husband would need lots of care- but I think it would be good for him and for the family. Thank you again so much for asking!

Mary Esposito

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Good luck! I am sure your husband is looking forward to getting home after such a long time. And you’re an amazing lady that you’re taking on tiling the bathroom. Properly amazing. I know the situation over the last several years has pushed you into a life you never wanted but it sounds like you’re standing up to that challenge fantastically!

Very best wishes,