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Sleep Study


I have a Sleep Study scheduled for Monday. The Dr said my symptoms match with Apnea and, while I don’t snore, there still may be something wrong with my sleep. My bleed was pretty high up on my brain stem so there may be something to it. I will keep ya’ll posted. Anybody with some crazy sleep experiences? I had a 4 day period where I was up for an hour then slept for 4 cycle.


Hi Jeremy, I hope your appointment goes well my friend :slight_smile: , I have no idea on your sleep query but my wife is convinced that I have sleep Apnea also, I guess I should schedule a checkin with the docs about it and I do snore :frowning: , Take care



I’m not sure about Sleep Apnea, but I had a cerebellum AVM that I had embolization and GK on in 2009. I have never had a sleep study, but my cardiologist suggested that I get one. Most of the time I sleep for 5-6 hours at a time, that has been all my life. I was 49 when my avm was discovered.


I had to go for sleep studies because of daytime sleepiness to rule out sleep apnoea. Turns out I have periodic limb movement syndrome which apparently is common in people with epilepsy. My pulse rate changes regularly at night which disturbs me. I take meds at night now which help a bit. Bit like restless leg syndrome. I’m always twitching. Hope you get to the bottom of this my sleep is much better now.


The study didn’t point to any clear reasons. Since then, I have become much more active and I’m not sleeping near as much. Regular 8 hr night rest with up to an hour nap some days. Best I can figure it was going back to work and having purpose again.