Sleep Problem

Before my brain hemorrhage and crani, I could sleep anywhere…anytime. But now, I have such difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. I’ve tried every sleep med over the counter, chamomile tea and nothing works. I’m on both an anti-depression and anti-seizure med, so I can’t take anything that would effect those meds. Does anyone know of a better idea? I’m not seeing my neuro doc until October and am going to ask her, but to me that feels a long time away with this sleep problem. Any advise?

Hi Louisa,
So sorry you’re unable to get good restful sleep that you so need!
Do you have a GOOD primary dr. you could see sooner who could possibly get you an Rx for a low dose of Ativan or Zanax??
What about meditation/relaxation CD’s, such as KRS Edstrom? I have a couple CD’s of hers (from my public library :slight_smile: & she has the most calming, soothing voice!, or possibly the various nature sounds CD’s?
Hope you find a good solution my friend! :slight_smile:

Thanks Patti…But I’ve tryed all of those things…I’m on ativan, listen to meditation CD’s, although I don’t have KRS Edstram…I’ll look for that one.

It’s been 3 1/2 years now and I’ve tried everything and I have to talk to my new neuro doc to get some help, hopefully!

(Medical) marijuana puts me to sleep like a little baby when I smoke a little before bed. That is if you can procure it in your area.

I’ll check that out with my doctor. Glad it works.

My husband’s sleep problems turned out to be related to his seizures. He wasn’t having actual noticeable seizures, but he was having enough seizure activity at night to keep his brain alert and awake. A round-the-clock EEG could help determine whether this is the case with you.

Thanks JH…I never even thought about that…But I will mention it to my epylepsy neuro doc when I see her.


I cannot remember when I have had a restful sleep. I have tried all listed, except the marijuana which I will never try. Nothing has worked for me. I just cat nap. If you come up with anything I would be glad to know.

Patti…I ordered that CD and hope it helps. Thanks for telling me about it!

Are you active enough during the day? Maybe if you exercise more, you will have an easier time sleeping at night.

Hi Mary Kate…It doesn’t help exercising. It’s strange, the more active I am makes no difference.

Have you had your vitamin d levels checked? While it has nothing to do with your AVM, it can be an easily solved problem. My deficiency was so bad that it caused hyperparathyroidism which has symptoms of muscle and joint pain and sleep problems among many other things. I treat mine with a pill because it is so bad, but all some people need is to get some sunlight!

I have hypothyroidism. I’ve been told not to take multvitamins as there are some that effect the med I take, Levoxyl. Next time I see my doctor, I’m going to ask him if I can take Vitamin D.

Hi Louisa,
I have not had a hemorrhage or crani, but I had GK about 3 and a half months ago, and have had that problem ever since. It was really bad for about 3 months, but the last couple weeks hasn’t been too terrible, still not great, but not horrible. One thing a friend recommended to me was something called melatonin. You can get it at the health food store. I find it is something I can take if I can’t fall asleep on my own, and if I wake up in the middle of the night, i can take another and it helps me fall back asleep. I had no idea other people had this too. My doc said that it was not related to the AVM or the GK, so that’s interesting… Keep your head up :slight_smile: Take care!

Hello, congrats on your sucsess. I use over the counter Melatonin to help me with getting to sleep. It doesnt interfere with my mess.

I’ve heard that anti-depressants can go either way. It can help you sleep or it can cause problems with getting a good nights rest. You could check with your doc to see if your not on the right drug for you or if he thinks that it could be effecting your sleep. benadryl and melatonin work pretty well but the melatonin will just help you to fall asleep, not stay asleep. Not sure if you can take these drugs while on anti-seizure meds. I know that when I tried neurontin for a neuralgia that I slept really well but it made my anxiety worse and I stoped it. cause some bad emotional issues and one day I woke up to a horrible panic attack and said that I’d had enough of that pill. I hope you find out whats going on and finally get a good nights sleep. I know I value mine.

Thanks, NBuddle…My doctor ordered a sleep med for me to try and it still doesn’t help. My neuro doc told me that you could have sleep problems because of a brain injury and I believe that’s the problem…I just have to live with it. It’s not that bad.