Sleep issues

Since the brain surgery, I get at best, six hours of sleep total. Typically I may sleep for about four hours straight. Wake up by 2 am, then toss and turn until I get up by six. I may get another two hours.

Even if I get less than six, I rarely feel sleepy later. Anyone else with this issue?


Hi Greg, I am 30 days post craniotomy and have a very similar problem. Once I stopped pain medications I started having problems sleeping. I'm exhausted but can't get any real quality sleep. Feels like my brain won't turn off. So far Ativan has been the only source of relief I have found. I plan to meet with Surgeon next week for follow up and see if he has any suggestions. Will keep you posted.

Hi Greg I had craniotomy to remove my AVM from my cerebellum 3 weeks ago. I've had trouble sleeping since op although I've had trouble sleeping since I was diagnosed with my AVM in Jan this year was hoping once removed I would improve but as of yet I haven't it's probably got a little worse I'm going to mention it to my consultant when I see him best wishes Amanda

I haven't slept well since my bleed, almost 7 years ago. It's interesting that you don't feel tired. I'm exhausted pretty much all of the time. Maybe you just don't need as much sleep as some people. I would guess that if you're not feeling exhausted that it's probably not doing your body any harm.

Maybe not. As an airline pilot, I would give myself at least six hours before calling in fatigued.