Sleep Aids? Melatonin?

Post op nearly 3 weeks successful avm (cavernoma) removal.

Night time makes me cringe. Experience anxiety about relaxing in quiet, trying to be still to sleep. Music helps but not enough. Average night is 4 hours and that is broken sleep, usually fall asleep from exhaustion of trying to sleep. Nearly OCD with moving to get/find that comfortable position. Most nights I end up sleeing better in the recliner in another room because being alone vs sharing bed with husband and even noise of his breathing keeps me awake.

I quit taking naps to help me be more sleepy. Does not help. I walk average one hour a day for my rehab, stay busy, but still rest/relax of course at this stage.

I never had sleep issues like this prior.

I asked Neuro's nurse regarding a sleep aid and she said it would benefit me because I need sleep to heal. Melatonin ok or over the counter aids ok too for me at this time in my recovery.

Thoughts,advice welcomed. Thank you in advance.

Patrice in Phoenix AZ

If you have been okayed for melatonin…I would recommend you go online and find a time released formula. I also would recommend going on you tube and finding some sleep relaxation videos. Personally I like the ones with the ocean sounds.

I was put on prescription sleep medications years ago and my doctor tried me on several different ones. Each one gave me terrifying nightmares/night terrors that I then had trouble waking from. I guess it isn't surprising that in the morning, I felt just as tired and drained as I had before, if not more.

I now take melatonin or valerian root, depending on what I need. If I need help staying asleep, the melatonin is good for that, at least for me it is. If I need help getting to sleep, valerian helps with that. You csn get that in capsules, or you can make it into a tea. I suggest the capsules...the tea smells like manure, and it tastes just as bad.